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Dear Partner, as an Affiliate you will be able to share valuable FREE content with your community, grow your income with potentially thousands in commissions and possibly win some fun prizes along the way!


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Step 3) Collect your commissions!!! Our affiliate partners earn a generous 30% commission (or 10, 20, 50% depending on the type of affiliation)! (We pay commissions via PayPal and payouts start after the end of the specified repayment period. See Affiliate Partner Terms for more details).

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**Important** Please read our Terms of Agreement for Affiliate Partners set out below. By submitting the form below, you confirm that you have read and accepted these terms. If you have any questions about our affiliate program, write us at

Do you have an incredible program that you believe would be a great solution and provide world-class value to our community? We'd love to support you!

With a subscriber base that is growing at an exponential rate, we are constantly looking for high-value programs to share with our community.

If you have a personal development program that you think would be a good fit for our community, we'd love to hear more about it!

We do not promote internet marketing or business-building programs, as our community does not respond well to this type of content.

Please note that a reciprocal promotion is NOT guaranteed.

You respond to emails and other messages from your subscribers and customers on a daily basis, addressing any questions or concerns they may have, if you feel unable to do so kindly forward your query to our team at

Please read and save this document and all links below for your records, as they are part of our agreements, in addition to everything written in this document.






Dear Affiliate Partner,

By participating in any promotion of ITI – Integral Transpersonal Institute and Integral Transpersonal Academy (BTE Zero academy and Big Dream Surfing academy) (the “Company”, “Promoter”, “We”), you agree to the following Affiliate Partner Agreement (the” Agreement"). You have also understood, acknowledged and accepted the Company's general privacy policy and terms of use (collectively, the “Terms”), listed here.

If you do not agree with or do not understand the language of this Agreement or the Terms, we recommend that you do not register or participate in any of our promotions. You may consult your legal team to determine whether you are in compliance with this Agreement and the Terms.

We love and value our affiliate partners and want you to be successful in our promotions. We also strive to serve our customers with 100% compliance and integrity with all laws.

As an Affiliate Partner we expect you to conduct yourself with professionalism and care for your community/list, which is why we have detailed these Terms and Conditions for you.

We also want you to be aware of all rewards and payouts associated with our promotions, so watch for more information relating to any of our specific promotions. Each promotion is unique and time-limited, so check your email for full details on each launch.

Please read this entire agreement before participating in any of our program promotions. It is up to you to ensure that you are in compliance with this agreement and all terms.

With gratitude,

ITI team

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Affiliate Partner Agreement Terms and Conditions

By participating in the marketing launch (the “Promotion”) of any of our products or programs (the “Product”) conducted by ITI – Integral Transpersonal institute (the “Company”, “Promoter”, “We”), you (the '"Affiliate") you agree to the following Terms and Conditions (the "Agreement").


Affiliate must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the Promotion.

The Promoter reserves the unconditional right to accept or refuse any Affiliate who enters the Promotion on the Promoter's Affiliates' registration websites (the "Registration Sites") or who drives traffic to any other of the Promoter's websites (the "Registration Websites"). "). The Affiliate must be in good standing with the Government and the Promoter, and in compliance with all ITI guidelines and the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

The Affiliate agrees and understands that if its marketing, websites, emails or any other communication associated with or for this Promotion is deemed inappropriate, the Affiliate will be deemed, at the Promoter's sole discretion, ineligible to participate in the Promotions and

disqualified from receiving any accolades, commissions, prizes or any other compensation or further communications from the Promoter.

The Affiliate will be immediately removed from all Promotions and the Promoter's Affiliate Program – resulting in forfeiture of all contests and commissions – and will be in breach of this Agreement IF your marketing for this Promotion or your sites:

contains, promotes, or links to sexually explicit or violent material;

  • promotes, represents, or links to material that promotes or represents discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, or age;
  • contains illegal material, including but not limited to material that may infringe another's intellectual property rights, or links to a site that contains such material;
  • contains information about illegal activity, promotes or links to a site that provides information or promotes illegal activity; or

use the promoter's videos, images, banners, image or brand name in or on websites, thus creating confusion in the market and the consumer (which is illegal and generally referred to as copyright or trademark infringement) .

To be clear, you may not use our banners, images or videos, unless they have been specifically provided to you or are on our referral center banner list, as if they were yours on your own sites or any other site, as this could lead a customer to think that they are opting for our communications rather than yours.

Clearly, the best practice for generating sales is to establish your brand, identity and sites, then genuinely recommend our program, don't pretend to be us.

  • uses any “bots” or automatic link generation techniques, spamming or social media spamming to perpetuate its links automatically or anonymously.

You should only participate in this program by sending your link directly to your well-maintained opt-in email list, your social media contacts, or through ads you have placed that comply with all the rules on this page.

  • defame, slander or post rude or inappropriate comments about the Promoter or any public figure or member of the expert community. Any rude communication with the promoter's staff also results in the termination of the Affiliate Agreement and forfeiture of all leaderboards, prizes and commissions.

Use any of our trademarks in the root of a URL link. This means that you may not use, for example, “integraltranspersonallife” or “integraltranspersonalinstitute” or “btezero” “itiacademy” “integraltrabnspersonalacademy” “btezeroacademy” “bigdreamsurfingacademy” bigdreamsurfing” “pierluigilattuada” “valentinalattuada” in your website domain before ( period), like this one: However, this would be fine:

So, to be clear, you may not use any of our trademarks, or any mispronunciation or alternate use/spelling of our trademarks, before the (dot) in .com, .org, etc.

Other examples:


NOT ACCEPTABLE. ACCEPTABLE: www.YourSite/bonusintegraltranspersonalacademy

for any other reason deemed by us to be inadequate by the Promoter.

The promoter reserves the right to disqualify affiliates from our affiliate program, cancel outstanding commissions based on inappropriate or marketing behavior on the part of the affiliate, and change this promotion or the agreement at any time without notice to the affiliate.


The Affiliate agrees NOT to send unsolicited emails to any party during the Promotion. The promoter has ZERO tolerance towards any affiliate spamming any party or individual, period.

If the Affiliate is caught spamming with or without a "bot", or posting automatically or anonymously on social media, he will be removed from the Promoter's Affiliate Program, and his or her outstanding commissions or commissions will be forfeited and/or lost.

Spam is the sending of emails or posting messages to anyone who has not requested information via email or any website, and also includes “search engine spamming” or social media links. The affiliate agrees to comply with all guidelines.


We have made every effort to ensure that we accurately represent our Promotion and its potential to help you earn commissions, as described below. However, there is no guarantee that you will get any results or make any money during this Promotion, and we do not claim that this is a "get rich scheme".

Nothing on our Sites or in this Promotion is a promise or guarantee of earnings. Your level of success in achieving results depends on a number of factors including your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business experience, network, roster and financial situation. Because these factors differ between individuals, we cannot guarantee your success, income level, or ability to earn. You alone are responsible for your actions and results in life and business.

Any forward-looking statements outlined on our sites or in our Promotions are simply our expectations or predictions for the future potential, and therefore are not guarantees or promises for actual performance. These statements are simply our opinion. As established by law, we do not guarantee that you will get any results from our ideas or promotions and we do not offer any professional legal or financial advice.


The Affiliate will receive the commission amount in Euros for each sale referred during the Promotion Period which is directly referred by the Affiliate to the Promoter's Site through the Affiliate's unique link or cookie.

This includes ONLY sales which are driven by the Affiliate to the Promoter's sales sites and which are tracked through the Affiliate's unique link provided by the Promoter or the cookie resulting from that link.

Commissions are not paid on, and will not include, a single sale to the Affiliate itself; this means that the Affiliate cannot purchase the Product for personal use through his link and receive a commission on that sale.

The Affiliate's commissions are calculated and the final figures are considered final at the sole discretion and decision of the Promoter.

Commission payments will be sent to the Affiliate by the Promoter via PayPal after the Promotion Period at intervals ranging from 90 to 360 days until the Affiliate has been paid in full. This allows time for accounting after the Promoter's 14 day satisfaction guarantee.

As monthly payments are permitted from customers purchasing the Product, the Affiliate should expect to receive approximately 50% of each monthly payment collected periodically every 90/360 days until the customer has paid the Promoter in full for the Product.

If a sale is canceled or refunded for any reason, any commission paid will be deducted from the amount owed to the Affiliate and any subsequent payments.

Affiliate commissions will not be paid based on sales or amounts attributed to spam, credit card fraud or returned products. The promoter reserves the right to change the commission payment dates.

Affiliates must complete any tax information submitted by the Promoter before receiving any commission payments.

The Promoter is NOT responsible for the Affiliate's use or maintenance of Affiliate Links and only sales tracked through the Promoter's system will count towards the Affiliate's commissions.

All sales and commissions are calculated by the Promoter and credit due to the Affiliate and all final sales and commissions are at the Promoter's sole discretion.

The Promoter makes reasonable efforts to accurately track and pay commissions for all sales that originate from Affiliates, but is not responsible and under no circumstances will be held liable for any technical difficulties, external events, actions of other Affiliates, or other uncontrollable events which may interrupt or interfere with the promoter's ability to track sales or pay commissions.

Under no circumstances will the Promoter be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or for any loss of income or profits resulting from the Affiliate's participation in this Promotion.


The Promoter will provide the Affiliate with links to this Promotion and any banners, graphics or text ads needed to promote and offer the Product to the Affiliate's customers through the Affiliate's sites or emails, and in the Affiliate's dashboard within the site

The Affiliate may ONLY use its own unique link provided by the Promoter on its own websites or Affiliate emails.

Affiliate may NOT post their Link on any other website that is not owned or operated by Affiliate or Affiliate's brand, with the exception of advertisements or their own social media links.

Internet spamming with automated or anonymous links outside the Affiliate's direct email list, website or social media pages will be considered a violation of this Agreement and will result in a withholding of all Affiliate benefits, rewards and commissions. Affiliate.

Affiliate may not use unsolicited commercial email, spam, search engine spam or other illegal or unethical means by which to generate referral commissions.

Furthermore, the Affiliate may not purchase the Product through its link for personal use and receive a commission on such sale. The links are intended to bring new customers to the Promotion.

All customer information collected during the Promotion will be owned by the Promoter and it is in the Promoter's sole discretion whether or not customer information is shared with the Affiliate.

All information collected before, during and after the Promotion will be handled according to the Promoter's Privacy Policy as listed on its GDPR page.


Affiliate may not use any copyright, trademark, service mark or general mark of the Promoter without the full disclosure and permission of the Promoter.

The Affiliate cannot:

  1. read, intercept, record, redirect, interpret or compile the content of any electronic form or other materials sent to the Promoter by any person or entity;
  1. take any action that could reasonably cause customer confusion regarding the Affiliate's relationship with the Promoter, or regarding the site where the functions or transactions occur (e.g., search, order, navigation, etc.) ;
  1. frame the Affiliate's website to resemble the Promoter's website or use the Promoter's trademark in a manner that confuses customers or the general public as to who hosts or promotes such website;
  1. attempt to acquire or register any keywords, search terms or other identifiers relating to the Promoter's trademarks or the trademarks or service marks or names of the Promoter's principal competitors, including misspellings or variations thereof for use in any search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or other search or referral service, unless otherwise agreed by the Promoter;
  1. seek to acquire or register domains or other identifiers that include variations of the promoter's trade or service marks or names, for the purpose of approximating misspellings or typographical errors thereof, or which would otherwise constitute typo or domain squatting, including variations thereof for the use in any search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or other search or referral service, unless otherwise agreed with the promoter; or
  1. spam automated or anonymous links to social media pages or search engines. The Promoter may terminate the Affiliate's participation in this Promotion, withhold or cancel commissions, or take any other action in its sole discretion should the Affiliate engage in any of the foregoing conduct or fail to operate with integrity or within the guidelines.


All prizes associated with any Promotion will be distributed within 90 days of the Promotional Period at the Promoter's sole discretion. The Promoter will distribute the final and complete prize rules and releases to the prize winners at the end of the Promotion. The promoter reserves the right to change prizes without notice.

All Affiliates who have won a prize (if the prizes are part of the ongoing Promotion and the Affiliate qualified for that prize under the Promotion rules) within 10 days of the end of the Promotional Period, and may be liable for any applicable taxes associated with receiving an award based on guidelines and their state and local tax laws. The promoter will send a prize release to each winning affiliate with further details and releases needed to accept the prize.


Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to create a partnership, joint venture, agency relationship or employment relationship between the parties.

The Affiliate participates in the Promotion as a completely independent entity and is responsible for any and all state, local and/or foreign income taxes and self-employment taxes, and any and all other licence, state and local taxes or taxes, or sales taxes, including withholding taxes, social security taxes, and liability and labor compensation insurance. Under no circumstances will the Promoter be liable for any action or result of the Affiliate.


The Affiliate agrees not to share, use, copy, adapt, alter, distribute, duplicate or possess any confidential information of the Promoter that is not directly provided or approved by the Promoter, or any confidential information that is disclosed or which it otherwise comes to your possession under or in connection with this Agreement.

Confidential Information includes, but is not limited to, the following types of private information and other proprietary information of a similar nature relating to the Promoter's business: sales figures, software passwords, Promoter's list size, list content, ideas , stories, activities, curriculum, seminar format, presentation materials, presentation content, inventions, financial information, business plans, business processes, marketing plans, marketing strategies, marketing copy, financial projections, customer lists, information financial statements, executive personal information, sponsorship strategies, vendor relationships, media delivery concepts and systems, including, but not limited to, web-based delivery systems, technical data, software designs, drawings, specifications, templates, source code, object code, documentation, diagrams, flowcharts and other information s similar which are the property and confidential information of the Promoter.

Affiliate will not disclose the terms of this Agreement to any third party other than to Affiliate employees and agents who (a) have a need to have access to such information (b) agree in writing to abide by the confidentiality provisions of this Agreement.

This Agreement does not impose any obligation of confidentiality on the Affiliate with respect to any portion of the Promoter's Confidential Information (a) which is in the public domain at the time of disclosure; or (b) which becomes part of the public domain after the Promotion without any unauthorized act or omission of the Affiliate; or (c) if the Affiliate can demonstrate in writing that it has independently developed knowledge of such confidential information prior to the date of disclosure; or (d) if permission to use or disclose such confidential information is first obtained by the Affiliate in writing from the Promoter; or (e) if the Affiliate is required by law, regulation, rule, act or order of any court or other governmental authority or agency to disclose such confidential information. In general, the Affiliate may not disclose any financial, personal or business information about the Promoter or its managers (including founder Pier Luigi lattuada and manager Valentina Lattuada) without the permission of the Promoter. Such disclosure is grounds for legal action, equitable relief, and termination of this Agreement.


The Affiliate agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Promoter and the Promoter's Founder, Pier Luigi Lattuada and/or manager Valentina Lattuada, an individual, from and against any and all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including , but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees) that the Affiliate may be subject to or incur in connection with the Promotion to be rendered, except for those claims which are judicially determined to have resulted from the Promoter's gross negligence or willful misconduct. Under no circumstances shall the Promoter or Pier Luigi and Valentina Lattuada or their designees be liable for injury or death to the Affiliate or for any loss or damage to personal effects or income resulting from the provision of the Promotion or the Affiliate's participation in any promotion thereof , seminar or live event (“Events”) if the Affiliate participates.

The Affiliate accepts all risks to his health, including injury or death, which may arise from participation in any Promoter's event and hereby releases the Promoter, Pier Luigi and Valentina Lattuada, and their officers, employees, interns, affiliates, sponsors and representatives harmless to himself and his personal representatives, estates, heirs, next of kin and assigns for any and all claims and causes of action for loss or damage to Affiliate's property and for any disease or Personal injury to the Affiliate, including death, which may result from or occur during the Affiliate's participation in the Events, whether caused by the negligence of the Organizer or its representatives.

The Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that it is financially responsible for any medical or legal expenses that may be incurred as a result of participation in the Promotion or Events, including any financial loss or emergency medical treatment.

The Affiliate understands that the Promoter does not provide legal or financial advice and will under no circumstances be held responsible for the results relating to the Promotion or the Events


The relationship between the parties can be terminated immediately by either party. Upon termination, it is understood that the above confidentiality and indemnification provisions will remain in effect in perpetuity.


This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and can only be modified by the Promoter. This Agreement will be interpreted according to the laws of the Italian State and the Court of Milan and will be binding on the parties, their heirs, successors, assigns and personal representatives; and references to the Promoter and the Affiliate include their heirs, successors, assigns and personal representatives.

In the event of a dispute between the parties regarding this agreement, any disputes, litigation, and claims arising out of or relating to this agreement, will be resolved and determined by arbitration.

The rules governing this arbitration will be according to the Italian State and any necessary arbitration will be conducted in Milan.

The arbitration decision will be final and each party agrees to be bound by the arbitration panel.


If any provision or covenant, or portion thereof, of this Agreement shall be held by any court or other lawful tribunal of appropriate jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, in whole or in part, such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability shall not affect the validity , legality or enforceability of the remaining provisions or covenants, or portions thereof, of this Agreement, all of which shall remain in full force and effect.


The promoter can be contacted on or via his address:

Pier Luigi Lattuada

ITI - Integral Transpersonal Institute

Via Villapizzone 26 20156

Milan, Italy

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